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July 29, 2008

The Wooden Robot Otherwise Known As John McCain

Here’s my thing about John McCain. Is it me or is everything that he’s talking about revolving on the fact that he served in Vietnam and was captured? Furthermore, is it me or does he only seem to talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? One of the biggest things that he attacks Obama on is the fact that he never visited Iraq. Then, he attacks him for visiting Iraq. Well, which one is it?

Also, everyone talks about McCain’s “experience.” No shit. The man is old and has been in Congress for a long time. Anybody that has been in Congress as long as him (longer than Obama) will have experience. Does it necessarily make him better qualified or mean that he would be a better President? I’m not so sure. Can’t really say either way.

I just wish that if McCain is going to pump himself up and cut Obama down that he would make a real attempt at pushing the other issues. Other issues are mentioned in his commercials, although I feel that they are half-hearted attempts. The commercials that stick in my mind are those that mention his past military service.

I am not at all trying to take anything away from his military service or disrespect him. I just think that he should make more of a concerted effort to talk about other issues. This country is more than just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What else can he offer us beside his war record and “experience”?


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