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February 28, 2008

Hell No, Kwame Must Go!

As of yesterday, the Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal to keep the text messages quiet. This is yet another obstacle in maintaining Kwame Kilpatrick’s futile attempt at hiding from the truth.

As a reluctant taxpayer (as somebody working in Detroit, I must pay city tax), I feel disgusted that he thinks that it’s business as usual. It is his business as usual that put him in his current situation and cost Detroit at least $9 million. People forget about the additional cost of his lawyers during the whistleblower trial, his lawyers during the trial to keep the text messages quiet and those of the media. For as much as naively supportive residents credit Kilpatrick for bringing in money and business to Detroit, he used it up during these avoidable lawsuits.

I’m pissed off at what Kilpatrick and other Detroiters mean when they say, “You don’t live here.” Well hell, neither do some of the City Council. These sheep make it sound like suburbanites are completely ignorant or don’t matter. Detroit sure as hell takes the suburbs’ money through the casinos as well as Tigers, Red Wings and Lions games. If these idiots say it, then mean it! Give the suburbanites their money back and see how the city functions. Let’s admit it-the average Detroiter doesn’t have the disposable income to engage in these pursuits. I would be interested to see statistics on how many suburbanites (percentages) at athletic events or at the casinos. I think that it’d be very interesting.

I think that it’s foolish to believe that business people will work with Kilpatrick. For me, it is still uncertain whether he will remain in power. It could honestly go either way. How can you make long-term plans with somebody that might not be around. In addition, I think that it’s fairly clear that he can’t handle his foolishness. If I were a business person, I wouldn’t want to work with somebody indiscreet and irresponsible. Lastly, why bring business to a city whose own mayor gave it a black eye? I hate to say it-until this whole thing is resolved (not blown over), I can’t imagine anybody wanting anything to do with Kilpatrick or the city.

Honestly, I’m very disturbed at his delusions. He thinks that this is a test from God. He thinks that this is just about his affair. He says that the white media is out to get a black mayor. He thinks that internal communications between staff is not protected though his should be. He thinks that this is just about forgiveness and not also about some potentially serious crimes that he can still be charged with. Kilpatrick is in denial, a liar or a fool.

As far as I’m concerned, this needs to end now! When Detroit is struggling to lose its reputation as the most dangerous city in the US, trying to get through one of its worst periods and trying to reclaim its former glory, it can have no distractions, which Kilpatrick is. Instead of trying to wipe up Kilpatrick’s shannigans, City Council and the Wayne County prosecutor needs to handle its real business: protecting the City of Detroit and Wayne County. Part of it includes removing one of this area’s liability: Kwame Kilpatrick.


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