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January 23, 2007

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

One of the things that I’ve noticed about our modernized, individualistic society is the lack of consideration for those around us. Look at cell phones. When those lovely Nextel phones came out with the “chirp” function and were cool…at first. I knew a few people that had one. However, they quickly became annoying when the owners set the volume too high, forcing us to listen to their innocuous conversations. How could we not? They never bothered to lower the volume.

In addition to people talking on their cell phones, there is also the matter of how they also drive at the same time. At present, I work out in Detroit’s East Side. As a suburbanite, I was used to people using their blinkers and obeying traffic lights. However, once that I started working at my current job, I started seeing people blowing red lights. People will drive around as theylook for a parking spot and talking on their cell phones. Effectively, making them clueless about their surroundings.

Unfortunately, these examples of inappropriate cell phone use bring up what I feel is our problem-society’s overemphasis on the individual. We must move away from the belief that the world revolves around us. Yes, turn that damned phone down because everybody hears your business. If you’re driving and talking on the phone, you’re most likely going to be distracted. You’re not half as good at doing both as you think. Also, try to stop on a red light. If you don’t, are you ready to face the potential consequences of doing so? Yes indeed. I am my brother’s keeper.


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  1. What struck me about the change in our behavior, as a society, is looking at kids on a college campus between classes. I did so last fall, when I was taking a class at a local community college. I remember my college days immediately after high school. There were always groups of students walking and talking on their way to class. Now? It’s kids walking next to each other-not even noticing the other person is there. They’re too busy talking on their phone. This continues right up until the professor closes the door in order for class to begin.

    The ME ME ME societal attitude that began in the 60’s is alive and well. We should really all want to be our brothers keeper, at least to a certain extent, because what affects our brother is going to eventually affect us.

    Comment by Deborah — January 24, 2007 @ 18:03

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