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November 8, 2006

Smarter minds have prevailed

I was very happy to hear that Dick DeVos will not be our governor. The state of Michigan has spoken and enough people have decided to give Gov. Granholm an other chance to lead our state

I will reiterate something that I have said often in public. While I think that there might have been things that Granholm could have done, I don ‘t think that she failed in enough things to as DeVos would say to remove her from her job. For those people that vote straight Republican regardless of who the best candidate is and those that will not listen to anybody that isn’t a Republican, they seemed to forget that Granholm inherited John Engler’s legacy of a huge deficit. As I would say, when somebody has horrendous credit because of past actions, it isn’t fixed overnight. It takes a long period of time and will probably mean bumps along the way. It is the same thing with Michigan. We are experiencing some significant ones on our way to recovery.

I do believe in Gov. Granholm’s platform. Diversifying jobs is the best way to go. For way too long, Michigan has put its eggs all in one basket-meaning manufacturing, particularly the automobile industry. I am not suggesting that we abandon the auto industry. My father was employed by GM and I owe my life to GM. Having said that, the Big 3 are no longer the big dogs. They have competition left and right from companies that didn’t exist 30 years ago or from countries that we never could have imagined manufacturing cars.

Also, we need better education for our workers. The days of dropping out of school and getting a good job in a plant or working on the line are long gone. Not only do many of our workers require at least a high school diploma or GED, they in reality need at least a bacherlor’s degree. It is the new GED.

I can only hope that my optimism isn’t misplaced. We had only two viable candidates. I wasn’t about to vote for someone (DeVos) whose primary strategy and statements preying on Michigan’s discontent and attacking Gov. Granholm. Take that away and he had nothing. Enough smarter minds prevailed that they made the best, possible choice.


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